P&DG, on behalf of Welbeck Estate Company, prepared a public consultation in Summer 2014 and completed a supporting Planning Statement, Design and Access Statement, Open Space Statement, Site Visual Perspective and Heads of Terms for this project. The P&DG Team also provided project management to third party consultants and delivered a planning application submission on schedule in October 2014. In addition the P&DG Team:

  • Carried out negotiations on the S106 Agreement to achieve over 50% of savings for the client from the original pro-forma and propose CIL compliant and sound planning obligations;
  • Had meetings with local Councillors before and after submission to keep them informed, gain from their local knowledge in the design and secure their support; and meetings with Planning and Environmental Officers on and off site to negotiate planning conditions, the S106 Agreement and delivery of the biodiversity offset;
  • Reviewed draft conditions to be acceptable with national planning guidance at suitable for the client and the onward site sale agreement; and
  • Liaised with the Council to secure a decision under Delegated Powers in May 2015 with signed S106 Agreement.

Key Features

  • Residential development of up to 60 dwellings;
  • Composition of 54 market and 6 affordable housing units;
  • Substantial proportion of bungalows (20%)  to meet demographic needs;
  • Brownfield site on an employment site surplus to requirements;
  • Regeneration of the local neighbourhood through new housing;
  • Degraded Site of Interest in Nature Conservation brought back to life and extended through ‘Biodiversity Offsetting’;
  • The first site where Bolsover Properties has Registered Social Landlord (RSL);
  • New private public right of way and community woodland created to help fill a missing Green Infrastructure Corridor;
  • Improved public safety along north to south links towards Kirkby town centre;
  • Careful consideration to land uses, noise mitigation and landscaping; and
  • Enhancing the street scene and natural surveillance along Southwell Lane.