Site Promotion work on land at Bramcote to release land from the Green Belt to deliver much needed houses within the local area.

Client: University of Nottingham

Size: 19ha

LPA: Broxtowe Borough Council

Expertise: Feasibility Appraisals, Site Opportunity Searches, Strategic Planning

P&DG worked with the University of Nottingham to assist in promoting land at Bramcote for housing.

Representations were made to the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan, Growth Options Consultation to flag up the site for future development and acting in the client’s best interest to maximise land value and potential.

The opportunity to promote the land evolved from the local authorities undersupply of delivering houses within the Borough. The site lies within the Green Belt, a key constraint to development, however a review for the five Green Belt purposes was undertaken to argue the requirement for a further Green Belt Review following the document prepared in 2015. The Representations argued the release of land would meet local needs and represent a direct investment back into the wider regional community.

The overall promotion demonstrated the site’s suitability, achievability and deliverability for future residential development to support the significant housing numbers required in the local area.

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