P&DG secured planning permission for a new sports hall and demolition of existing classrooms at Trent College, providing additional design support through the production of indicative elevations.

Client: Trent College

Size: 10ha

LPA: Erewash Borough Council

Sectors: Education, Heritage
Expertise: Conservation Area, Heritage Planning, Planning Applications, Pre-Planning Advice, Project Management and Coordination

Set within a Conservation Area and adjacent to a Grade II Listed chapel, securing permission for the demolition of existing school buildings and a new sports hall required robust justification.

Dialogue with Erewash Borough Council from an early stage was critical in understanding the LPA’s view of the proposal and to address concerns in relation to external appearance and the building’s relationship with the surrounding heritage context.

Drawing on these conversations, the scheme was amended and a Heritage Impact Assessment produced to demonstrate that there would be negligible harm on the heritage assets. Indicative elevations were also prepared by P&DG to assist in the positive portrayal of the scheme, alongside the wider planning submission package.

Permission was subsequently granted for the much needed sports venue for the school, securing state of the art facilities to be used by generations of pupils to come.

P&DG are well versed in handling applications that are set in complex settings. In this case the proposals were within both a Conservation Area and adjacent to a Grade II Listed chapel.

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