P&DG has secured a Certificate of Lawful Use or Development (existing) for use of land as domestic garden in association with the occupation of a dwelling in Plunger, Leicestershire.

Client: Homeowner, Plungar

Size: Minor Development

LPA: Melton Borough Council

Sectors: Residential
Expertise: Certificate of Lawfulness

P&DG made the application on behalf of our client to ascertain that the existing use of the land as domestic garden is lawful. P&DG were able to advise upon and collate sufficient evidence to justify the lawfulness of the existing use, with reference to relevant case law.

The land was formerly agricultural land however since our client purchased the property over 10 years ago, the land was used and maintained as residential garden. The evidence was presented unambiguously by P&DG, such that the local planning authority were unable to present evidence to the contrary and issued the Certificate of Lawful Use without hesitation or delay.

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