As a consultancy, we work with NHS Property Services on a variety of their sites across England to assess the potential for redevelopment to inform decision making on disposal strategy where buildings are surplus to requirements.

Client: NHS Property Services


LPA: Various (Milton Keynes, Hambleton District Council, Dudley Council)

Expertise: Feasibility Appraisals, Pre-Planning Advice, Visualisation

 This process ensures that the NHS achieves maximum opportunities in redeveloping sites and making efficient use of the public sector expenditure. 

Pre-application submissions are prepared by P&DG, which includes feasibility drawings and relevant development options to comply with local planning policy and evidential needs within the local planning authority. Pre-app Design and Access Statements are also commonly prepared to visualise the evolution and design concepts interrelationship with the local vernacular. Engagement with the authority is sought as to the principle of potential development options occurring on the sites. 

A robust package is prepared in order to ensure a comprehensive response is received by the local authority. Meetings and discussions are had with the authority to gauge and understand their expectations and concerns of the proposals. 

Once a formal written response is received, we advise and analyse the content and provide planning support to the NHS on a strategy going forward. 

These projects are fundamental to regenerative projects in urban areas to ensure the longevity of brownfield land is utilised by local communities for future generations.

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