P&DG continue to act on behalf of Threadneedle Property Unit Trust to secure prior approval for office to residential conversions across various locations.

Client: Threadneedle Property Unit Trust

Size: 24 Residential Units

LPA: Elmbridge Borough Council

Expertise: Prior Approval and Notification Applications

At Idis House, Weybridge, P&DG first sought prior approval for office to residential conversation.

The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 is frequently amended such that a good understanding of the legislative framework was required to ensure that the prior approval applications were robustly prepared and all technical criteria were satisfied.

Idis House is a three-storey office premises of contemporary appearance situated in Weybridge town centre. Subject to prior approval for the proposed change of use, 24 residential units were proposed.

As a result of P&DG’s clear presentation of planning arguments, prior approval was straightforwardly granted.

P&DG are involved in prior approval applications for Threadneedle as a tool to support and enhance their property portfolio.

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