P&DG provided promotional work to support development opportunities, diversification and education improvements at Worksop College and Ranby House.

Client: Woodard Schools (Nottinghamshire) Limited

Size: 115 ha

LPA: Bassetlaw District Council

Expertise: Graphic Design, Landscape Planning, Listed Buildings, Placemaking, Site Opportunity Searches

P&DG worked alongside Woodard Schools (Nottinghamshire) Limited to assist in promoting development opportunities within their ownership across their main site at Worksop College as well as Ranby House.

Representations were submitted to the Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan as part of a public consultation on the plan, which in part made recommendations for a ‘site-specific policy’ within the emerging Local Plan. Following engagement with planning officers and strategic management at the local authority, it was agreed to prepare a Document, informed by high-level, third-party appraisal to provide supplementary evidence and justification to inform the policy recommendation.

The document presented the potential to deliver multiple land uses. Shorter term, there would be opportunities to reconfigure and diversify parts of the existing school estate for additional leisure and tourist accommodation. Reflective of the schools’ aspirations and the large estate development, the areas was zoned to respond to the school site. P&DG prepared graphical images to support the vision and aspirations of the school.

A formal pre-application exercise was undertaken on some of the zones to understand the potential of diversifying the school land from the local authority’s perspective.

A comprehensive analysis of the landscape assets, historic assets and opportunities for the site informed a masterplan led vision for the main Worksop College site and Ranby House.

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