As a consultancy we work with a variety of care providers to assist in designing sensitive, thoughtful care facilities for the vulnerable. We assisted Millennium Care in obtaining planning permission for a new 48-bed EMI care home that will form part of a continuous care retirement village in Standish.

Client: Millennium Care


LPA: Wigan Council

Expertise: Planning Applications, Post-Planning Advice, Project Management and Coordination, Stakeholder Engagement

 The site falls within the Green Belt and as the planning consultant, we prepare a robust package identifying the very special circumstances which attested to the value and importance of the application. 

Other constraints such as protected trees and landscaping were key components to address to maintain and enhance the landscape character, ensuring the benefits outweighed any harm. 

A successful community engagement process was undertaken by Millennium Care, which resulted in a significant number of residents from the community being in support of the proposals. 

The application was approved under delegated powers due to the consultation having no concerns or objections for the proposal, instead councillors and residents saw the proposal in a positive light due to the successful engagement process undertaken. 

This is why the art of planning involves considering evidence and applying policy with discretion in the wider public interest. It is heartening to see that sensible arguments, made reasonably, backed by clear evidence can result in sensible, considered and reasonable decision making. 

The proposal is of a significantly high design and quality, providing a safe home in an environment surrounded by nature which heals, enriches and protects.

(Rendered images courtesy of Alessandro Caruso Architects)

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