A resident of High Bradfield, a small rural Peak District Village 6 miles north west of Sheffield, instructed P&DG to carry out a Heritage Appraisal for a proposal seeking a new access through a dry-stone wall to the front of his property.



LPA: Peak District Planning Authority

Sectors: Heritage
Expertise: Conservation Area, Heritage Planning

P&DG’s Planners and Urban Designers worked together to create an appropriate planning strategy to achieve a positive outcome. It was decided to undertake an appraisal on the dry- stone walls of High Bradfield to assess whether the partial removal of part of one would have a negative impact on the village and its conservation area. The study involved a site visit to High Bradfield to examine the role of different dry-stone walls in contributing to the overall significance of the conservation area. The analysis found substantial variation in the style, age, and function of different walls within the village and found that walls of varying age and style had different roles in contributing to the significance of the conservation area.

Through a critical evaluation of the walls, as well as design modelling to show how the proposed access would look, the proposal was shown not to have a detrimental impact on the conservation area and was subsequently permitted.

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