We believe that urban design is fundamental to good environmental design practice and is a cornerstone of current National Design Guidance advice and recognised good practice.

Good urban design has always been and is the basis of our work at P&DG. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced urban designers within the practice to inform and deliver the design aspects of our work. Our urban design expertise encompasses a wide range of experience, covering masterplanning, site layout design, urban regeneration, heritage and settlement planning.

We have extensive experience as urban design practitioners and a well-established pedigree of working in this area of planning and design since the pioneering days of the 1990’s that established urban design as a mainstream planning discipline. All our work is urban design led with emphasis on creating distinctive places that have human activity, character, identityand community as core values.

Our approach encompasses a comprehensive understanding of context, principles and practical conceptual design to inform sound design frameworks, masterplanning and site layouts. Providing a range of visualisation of the highest quality contributes to the design strengths of our practice and distinctive hand drawn visualisations add a personalised touch to proposals.


Richard Hall

Managing Director

Richard Just

Senior Urban Designer

Simone Costa Miller

Senior Urban Designer

Jessica Hird

Principal Planner and Urban Designer

Creswell Colliery

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Edwalton Porsche Dealership and Mixed-Use Regeneration

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Heather Brickworks

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