Optimising the use and development of land and property assets requires an understanding of the constraints imposed and opportunities offered by the planning system. Once established, such understanding can inform effective strategies to achieve flexibility of use, maximised values, rationalisation and disposal, investment and other objectives, or – most commonly – some combination thereof.

Such insight can be of particular value to landed and rural estates, responsible for managing diverse and complex portfolios. At P&DG, we understand the need for clear, concise, informed and reliable advice to help ensure the successful use and management of land and property assets, in both rural and urban settings.

From strategic overviews of entire land holdings to detailed assessments of specific sites, our team’s comprehensive knowledge, insightfulness and creativity can ensure maximum advantage is taken of the planning system, and limitations abated.

We can provide the following range of services:

  • Estate-wide review of land and property assets
  • Planning strategies for immediate and longer-term development objectives
  • Strategies and planning applications in support of the rationalisation and disposal
  • Identification and promotion of development opportunities including Local Plan representations
  • Preparing, submitting and negotiating planning applications for new development and change of use applications


David Peck


Jon Waite

Principal Planner

Harriet Nind

Principal Planner

Chatsworth Farmstead Reviews

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Staveley Works, Chesterfield

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Pondhouse Farm, Chesterfield

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