The planning system can often be constrained when it comes to moving between land uses. A site may have potential for a range of uses, but a lack of flexibility in the use class system means more often than not a change of use application is required in order to secure the desired use or uses.

At P&DG, we understand the certainty needed by landowners in securing the most appropriate use for their site, regardless of its current operation. Our team is well versed in the intricacies of the use class system, knowing when a change of use application would be required, or whether you could benefit from permitted development rights to establish an alternative use without planning permission.

Our holistic approach ensures that you understand the full potential of your site in terms of what other uses may be acceptable, whether you already have a clear idea of the future use or are open to looking at a range of solutions to maximise site value.

We can provide the following range of services:

  • Interpreting the use class system
  • Assessing the most appropriate and realistic future use of the site
  • Providing a planning strategy detailing whether a change of use application is required or whether utilising permitted development rights would be advantageous
  • Advising on the specific requirements of each change of use application
  • Preparing, submitting and negotiating the change of use application


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Principal Planner and Urban Designer

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Principal Planner

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