Enforcement action can be threatened by Local Authorities when planning permission has not been sought or where interpretation of planning policy differs. Often a breach is unintentional, and it can be concerning to be served Notice.

By acting swiftly and with professional guidance, the appropriate action can be taken to rectify the identified breach. P&DG are well versed in interpretation and resolution of Enforcement Notices, Breach of Condition Notices, Stop Notices and Temporary Stop Notices. We have vast experience in enforcement matters at a wide range of project scales.

Our knowledgeable team will be able to assist in exploring your options and outlining the potential outcomes. We can help you find the most effective solution to resolve the potential planning breach and take appropriate action based on your unique situation.

We can provide the following range of services:

  • Enforcement Assessment
  • Review of Permitted Development Rights
  • Enforcement Resolution Strategy
  • Compliance Statements
  • Retrospective Planning Applications
  • Advice as required


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