Certificates of Lawfulness provide legal certainty that, for planning purposes, the existing use of a building is lawful or that planning permission is not required at a point in time. A Certificate of Lawfulness is not a planning permission, rather a legal document that can complement a wider planning strategy.

At P&DG, we understand there are times when absolute certainty is needed in the legality of a building or operation. We have vast experience in obtaining Certificates of Lawfulness that confirm previous works, a change of use, or planned future works would be legally sound and not liable to enforcement.

Our bespoke approach provides you with the assurance you need, whether this is to satisfy a potential purchaser’s queries or as part of a wider planning strategy.


Bob Woollard


Sarah Clark

Associate Town Planner

Jessica Hird

Principal Planner and Urban Designer

Certificate of Lawfulness – Plungar

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